Capital Markets

Our department's mission; To ensure the development of our country, to train qualified personnel who can transfer scarce resources in capital markets to investments in the most effective and efficient way. Our vision is to create a department culture that follows the competitive innovations in the world and adopts continuous learning and research as a principle.

Our department As in other departments of our school, the first lessons are taught for the establishment of the theoretical background. Our academics are instructed by our academicians who are based on theoretical and up-to-date samples, and our faculty members from the industry are given practical lessons, and our students are expected to adapt easily to working life.

In particular, the courses taught in the last two years are aimed at our students to better understand the practices in the sector and to follow developments in the sector closely. Our students' strong theoretical background and sectoral knowledge are supported by their internships in the sector. Thus, when our students graduate, besides the courses they receive from other faculty students, they show great efficiency and adapt to their institutions very quickly with the practical courses and internships they receive.

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