The Banking Department aims to train specialists and senior executives who are in need of the financial sector and are particularly familiar with the banking sector and the operation and legislation of the money markets. Our college is the only higher education institution that provides undergraduate education (4 years) in Banking since its establishment. Students who prefer the banking department are selected by the "Student Selection and Placement Center" with a central examination.

In our department, in the first two years of 4-year undergraduate education, students are offered intensive economics, statistics, finance, management, law, mathematics courses as well as courses for the specialization areas required by the banking sector. In addition, our Banking Department provides all the functions, service types and basic principles of the sector in detail; Turkey is not alone in its more advanced or less advanced countries in the implementation of the banking system so that it can easily be adapted to students are being prepared.

For this purpose, the courses are taught by experienced academicians as well as managers and experts trained from the industry. For this reason, students graduate with sufficient theoretical and practical infrastructure during their education.

Within this framework, graduates of the Department of Banking take their place in the real and financial sector as qualified personnel with their theoretical and technical infrastructures that the sector needs, and also in higher education institutions as future academicians.

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