The Actuarial Department is the first department of our country to offer 4-year undergraduate education in this field. Actuary; This section teaches the creation of tables on insurance, determining tariffs and technical principles in accordance with legal regulations, calculating reserve and profit shares, and preparing financial reports related to them, with the application of mathematical-statistical theory and techniques on insurance, finance and demography. Actuary Department, which provides education in line with the needs of our country's insurance and finance segment, has harmonized the branches of Law, Finance and Mathematics in the most general sense.

All the courses of the department are carried out both from academic circles and by actuaries and experts who are few in the sector.

On the other hand, in addition to the basic courses, the courses and their contents are updated in parallel with the developments in our country and the world, and education and training is supported through seminars and projects. In other words, there is a dynamic and modern education.

Actuarial department students also practically reinforce their theoretical knowledge acquired in the school during their minimum 8-week internships directly in the headquarters of insurance companies, fund management departments in the financial sector, SSK, Bağ-Kur and the Insurance Inspection Board.

In addition, since our school (our department) is located in Istanbul, the center of the Turkish insurance and finance world, lecturers and students can easily follow the changes and innovations in the insurance industry and communicate easily with the sector. Our students who prepare insurance risks, premiums and compensation calculations, insurance contracts and tariffs in life, fire, accident, transportation, engineering and other branches both theoretically and practically, through statistics and probability calculations, insurance sector, social security institutions and They have the opportunity to work as senior executives both in public and private sectors in the financial sector.



Actuary; people's life such as birth, death, illness, disability, retirement; It deals with random and unpredictable events affecting the assets such as fire, accident, earthquake, flood, theft and the financial effects of these events.

Actuarial scientists are trained to analyze the risk of occurrence of such events, to predict their probability, and to create security programs that mitigate their financial impact.

Actuaries work in almost every company because they are experts in risk measurement and management. The main task of actuaries is to prepare insurance programs.

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