Great importance is attached to the insurance sector by individuals in developed countries to be protected against the wide range of hazards their property and their lives face in society. Individuals in these countries have to save some of their earnings and invest in insurance companies in order to eliminate the risks. In terms of the function of the insurance sector, it encourages development as a result of increasing investments as a result of transferring these collected funds to financial markets, while protecting individuals against risks. Due to this task, the insurance sector is one of the basic elements of development. The insurance sector, which started to develop after 90's in our country, has not yet reached the desired level. Although there are many different reasons for this, one of the most important reasons is that the institutions that provide education on this subject are not created due to the insufficient number of personnel who have received education and training on insurance and the new development of this sector has started.

Our School of Insurance, which was founded in 1996 to meet this gap in the sector, brought its first graduates to the sector in 2001. BSY Insurance Department, which is the first and only school that provides 4 + 1 year undergraduate education in the field of insurance, has undertaken the mission of providing the industry with a trained workforce that will ensure the development and spread of the sector and insurance services, and increase the efficiency of the sector. In line with the general vision of our school, my department vision is to follow the innovations in the world and to create a department culture that adopts competitive, continuous learning and research as a principle.

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