At 4 July 1995, the Council of Ministers decision No. 95/7044 with our school established within the Marmara University, is the first four-year school in the field of finance in Turkey. The School, which took its first students with the 1996 ÖYS exam, has been accepting students since 1998 with the ÖYS exam only on the basis of department. Our school, which gave its first graduates in 2000, receives an average of 50 students each year on a departmental basis.

The School of Banking and Insurance (BSY), which provides education in 4 departments: Banking, Capital Markets, Insurance, and Actuarial, educates qualified experts and administrative candidates with theoretical and practical knowledge in the sector. In the departments, in the first two years, basic courses (such as economics, finance, business administration, mathematics and law) are given, and in the last two years, sectoral specialization courses are given. For this reason, besides a distinguished academic staff who has a voice in the fields of lectures, it is also taught by experienced experts in the financial sector.

In the School, whose main task is to produce and train science, in addition to the project assignment and research techniques in the 6th semester, in order to establish the spirit and consciousness of the teamwork, practical studies are carried out to gain scientific research and writing techniques and habits. .

In addition, students can perform internships on demand, so that they can get to know the sector before graduation, identify their deficiencies by using their knowledge in the sector and improve their relations with the sector.

Increasing competition in the financial sector made it imperative to know a good level of foreign language. The School, which has been attaching great importance to English education since its establishment, has a 1-year English preparatory class since 2001. With this practice, education in our school has increased from 4 to 5 years.

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